About ReWind Offshore AB

ReWind Offshore AB is a Wind Power Project developer with head office in Karlstad. The company develops projects up to granted permissions for near coast offshore wind power plants in lakes and in the sea in Scandinavia.

The company utilises the knowledge and experience gained from the establishment of Vindpark Vänern, an offshore wind power plant with 10 wind turbines with a nominal power of 3 MW each from WinWinD in the northern part of Lake Vänern close to Karlstad. The building company Peab, one of the main owners of the company, was responsible for the building of foundations and the installation of the wind turbines in Vindpark Vänern.

The business idea of ReWind Offshore is to develop wind power plants together with local actors and investors, using Vindpark Vänern as a blueprint. The wind turbines in Vindpark Vänern are owned by municipal power- and housing companies, wind cooperatives and local commercial companies. ReWind Offshore develops projects in close cooperation with local actors. In may 2011 the affiliated company (SPV) ReWind Vänern submitted an application for a new offshore wind power plant with 20 wind turbines (of 3-4,5 MW) in Lake Vänern.

ReWind Offshore has access to a technology for under water rock-foundations as well as a vessel with equipment to transport and install wind turbines offshore.

In 2010 two new companies, Peab Energy AB and Scanergy AS from Norway, joined ReWind Offshore AB as owners.

        ReWind Offshore’s Foundation technology                                                                                                     ReWind Offshore’s installation vessel

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